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Being with Cows Summer Retreat

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The Being with Cows Summer Retreat will run from 2pm on Monday 31st July until 10am on Saturday 5th August.

Accommodation will be in our farmhouse with beautiful views across the forested valley.

There is also the option for those wishing a more immersive experience in nature to sleep in luxurious tents located in the heart of the farm's quietness.

All food is organic vegetarian or vegan and homegrown as much as possible.

The price of £535 includes Bed and Breakfast, evening meal and snacks / fruit during the midday break.

A reduced price of £385 is available for those wishing to provide their own camping equipment - tents, sleeping bags / mats etc.

Payment is by bank transfer or via Paypal.

The format for the Retreats emphasises quietness and simplicity:

Wake-up quietness session to begin the day; Breakfast; Walking meditation in silence; Midday break; Being with cows session - mindfulness in the presence of the cows; Evening meal; Quietness session to end the day.

There will be ample free time to explore the beautiful scenery the farm has to offer, to spend more time in the company of the cows or to do whatever feels right for you.

This is an event where guests are simply invited to be - there are no instructions, guided meditations, techniques or even intentions - just a beautifully natural landscape and the opportunity to be in the presence of the mindfulness experts themselves - the cows.

Transport info: nearest airports are Toulouse, Carcassonne and Perpignan. The excellent train network in France can bring you to our nearest town of Limoux, from where we can collect guests on the morning of the first day.

Please don't hesitate to contact with any questions.

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