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Being with Cows eBook cover

Being With Cows Book

¨An intensely transformational story of how grief became gratitude in the presence of a humble herd of cows.¨

Many years in the making, written and rewritten over and over again, abandoned and given up on, the story of the whole project has finally made it into book form. We are delighted to say that Being with Cows, published by BedfordSquare Publishers, will be available as from the 23rd of May 2024. 


It is my greatest wish that through the book, people are given the opportunity to feel the deep sense of wonder, compassion and heartfelt gratitude that I have been privileged to experience in the presence of the cows and that this leaves a lasting, transformative impression upon the reader.

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¨Being With Cows is a testament to the innate goodness and compassion of cows, and to the feeling of benevolence they evoke in those who encounter them. It is, like the cows themselves, a tonic for the soul.¨ 

-- Mary Costello

Being with Cows details the incredibly moving story behind the tragic death of one man's brother and how his personal quest for inner healing came to him unexpectedly on his organic farm in the French Pyrenees.


An intensely powerful yet heart-warming story, Being With Cows is an antidote to the stresses, strains and suffering of modern life. Through a deeply tangible sense of gratitude, it tells of how tragedy can be overcome through the healing power of nature.

Pre Order now, and the book will be shipped directly to your address when it is released in May 2024.

    Being With Cows book cover
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