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hand feeding cows

About the Cows

We have the privilege of sharing our farm with around thirty-five cows, which consist of two breeds – Galloways and Castas.


They are the lifeblood of the farm and nourish us daily with their unthinking presence. 


We raise them organically and in the most natural way as possible. Their diet consists only of what the landscape provides on a seasonal basis. 


In winter, they eat high quality organic hay, sourced from within 10km of the farm.


Throughout the rest of the year, they browse and graze from an incredibly rich range of grasses, herbs, wildflowers, leaves, nuts and even fungi.


This is the beauty of raising such ancient and rustic breeds – they retain the knowledge of how to stay well eating only what nature itself provides. 


This also applies to their instinctive understanding of selecting certain plants, leaves or berries according to their medicinal properties.

Learn More About Our Cows

Casta cows

Casta Cows

Galloway cow

Galloway Cows

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