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Adopt a cow!


Why adopt?

We hope that our organic farm in the foothills of the French Pyrenees can become an inspiration and model for an alternative form of livestock farming.

Our rare breed Casta and Galloway cattle are not raised for their meat or milk, but exclusively for their therapeutic value. In our experience, their presence on the land can facilitate a deep sense of quiet, calm and stillness.

They are mainstay of the Retreats that are held on the farm, promoting an acknowledgement of the quietness that brings peace, acceptance and happiness in our lives.

Adopting a cow at Being with Cows Retreats helps provide the following for our Casta and Galloway cattle:

· Shelter and farm maintenance

· Vet Care

· Food – organic hay and alfalfa

· Organic health supplements – salt and mineral licks

The cost of caring for the cows

The annual cost of looking after each of our adult cows is approximately £450. This includes:

· quality organic hay and luzerne [alfalfa] sourced from within 15km of the farm.

· Veterinary bills – annual blood tests / tests for Tuberculosis / treatment of cows as and when need arises.

· Organic mineral / salt licks to boost immunity systems and reduce risk of illness.

· Maintenance of fences and farm buildings.

Adoption Benefits

All adopters receive as part of their year-long adoption package:

· A PDF version of your Animal Adoption Certificate

· A hard copy A4 Adoption Certificate with your animal’s story and a high quality photo of your chosen cow.

· A six monthly update about the cow you have adopted.

Adopters choosing Adoption Package 2 are invited to:

· 1 night’s free Bed and Breakfast in our farmhouse

· A farm tour and opportunity to meet your adopted cow and the rest of the Casta and Galloways.

Adopters choosing Adoption Package 3 are invited to:

· Free participation in a Being with Cows Retreat which includes:

1. 4 night’s accommodation in our farmhouse

2. Delicious organic breakfast and evening meal

3. Silent walks in a beautiful landscape

4. Meditational sessions in the presence of the cows

Adoption Packages:

Adoption Package 1 £35

PDF Adoption Certificate / hard copy Adoption Certificate + quality photo / 6 monthly update

Adoption Package 2 £80

PDF Adoption Certificate / hard copy Adoption Certificate + quality photo / 6 monthly update / 1 night’s B&B / farm tour.

Adoption Package 3 £450

PDF Adoption Certificate / hard copy Adoption Certificate + quality photo / 6 monthly update / Being with Cows Retreat.

Please provide the following information when requesting an Adoption Package:

· Type of Package [Package 1, 2 or 3].

· Name of recipient [who the Adoption is for].

· Name of cow[s] you would like to adopt.

· Address for hard copy of Adoption Certificate and photo.

How to pay?

Payment is by bank transfer. Details will be sent when an Adoption is requested.

You can contact us and request an Adoption at:

Payments can be made monthly / quarterly or annually.

Adopters will be notified 1 month before the end of their adoption period and will have the option to end, continue or change their Adoption Package.

We prefer that monthly and quarterly payments are made by standing order.

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